A 2014 to remember

Various colors of Hoplow&Family bu Quarch Atelier for Terre di Atanor design products

You know that December “is the Friday of the year”! The mood is the one that usually anticipates the weekend. An atmosphere of contagious carefreeness, full of expectations for the future. But, at the same time, another year is going to finish and it makes grow a little sense of fear. We hope we have fully exploited our time or we have caught all the important occasions that occurred and realized some dreams.

For Atanor the 2014 has been a year full of people, decisions and small achievements. 12 months during which we had the chance and the pleasure to work closely with architects and designers, trying to catch up to each of them their own vision of the world; with artisans, from whom we have learned a few tricks of the trade, those details that turn a good project into a product of value and with professionals from many different sectors, from communication to graphics, from the web to the economy, collecting and making our every little criticism and suggestion.

It is through the efforts of all these people that we were able to develop and give life to our ecommerce www.terrediatanor.it, a virtual interface that sets itself the goal of communicating the stories and the thoughts that underlie the project Atanor.