Giuseppe Pilla




Born in 1937 in Spresiano , father wood craftsman , shows early aptitude for drawing, thanks to which he can attend the Art School and the IUAV in Venice . His teachers include Alberto Viani , Maioli , Gaspari , Pavanatti , Da Venezia , Barbisan , Varagnolo , Bacci, Samona , Albini, Gardella , Carlo Scarpa , Zevi , Levi , Pizzetti, Piccinato, Astengo , Belgaum.
His thesis is an hypothesis of university lagoon settlement in Mestre , supervisor Valeriano Pastor. Some of his classmates Tobia Scarpa , Toni Zuccheri , Nerone and Patuzzi .
While not neglecting the figurative subjects , the main activity is that of an architect, from urbanism and building up to the design and furnishings. Accepting the provincialism as a lifestyle choice , he focused his interest on various techniques and materials , enhancing the integration of expressive and functional specificity , and the privilege of the popular and of the vernacular . This led him to develop new forms for the cane and rattan ,looking for simplicity and organic expression of these materials.


Alessia chair

The chair Alessia is the negative or reverse of the table, its shape being determined by how the plywood panel was cut for the table top. Read more


Andrea table

Giuseppe Pilla designed Andrea out of a practical necessity to make a dining table for his son – hence the name. Read more