laboratorio.quattro office was founded in 2007 in Milan.
The intention was to build a group able to respond to the complexities of project programmes on any scale. The professional experience accumulated and matured during years of work in different offices, as well as European cities such as London, Madrid, Malaga, Sevilla and Milan, has contributed to the formation of articulate professionals, capable of dealing with the entire designing of the project.

The meeting point of this experience was the period of working together, in various departments, in the office of Lissoni Associati in Milan where, first the friendship and then the designing feeling were refined. The office is engaged in various projects that include the development of some designing projects, preparation for exhibitions, the internal designing of private homes, blocks of flats and hotels.


Libreria Janus

…a cube,a nightstand in the bedroom, a small table in the living room, a chair, a small library… Read more