Technical Data

Dimensions (LxDxH): 23 x 14 x 22,5 cm Material: lamiera in ferro verniciato Light bulb: halogen light bulb with G9 base (it's possibile use it also a LED G9 light bulb). Colour: white


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The idea of the lamp Libra resides in the memory of the designer when, a few years ago, rummaging through an old family bookcase, he discovered the books of the early 20th century with a special graphic typical of those years. So Mr. Plazzogna thought it would be nice to revitalize those books, like actors, treating them with the attention that a sculpture deserves and making them live again with its own light.

The basic structure of the lamp, deliberately simple, camouflaged and hidden, allows the book, with its own emotions and fantasy, to be the only protagonist. Not a self-celebratory design object but a lamp that creates a light source.

Read a book make the imagination flies. This kind of feeling led the designer to think about a suspended object, which levitating in the air it produces a halo of light that plays with lights and shadows on the wall.


The wall-mounted version, conceptually identical to the table one, has small technical differences: it has a bracket for fixing it to the wall and a small box where the electrical wiring is arranged in the case the power coming from the wall.

If you use the external power cord, this will be riding on the counterweight, taking the idea from a balloon floating in the air. The tensor is made from a steel cable and a painted iron cylinder.