Technical Data


  • Small: Diam. 15 cm, height 19,5 cm.
  • Medium: Diam. 17 cm, height 23 cm.
  • Big: Diam. 17 cm, height 37 cm.
Materials: Borosilicate glass and G9 halogen light bulb, low energy consumption Base Colors: beige /// black /// grey /// red Lampshade Colors: 
  • Plain color: beige /// grey /// red
  • Graphic: black stripes on grey background /// black polka-dotted on beige background /// red and pink polka-dotted on beige background
Pantone references:
  • Beige: cod. 401
  • Black: cod. black 6U
  • Grey: cod. 427
  • Pink: cod. 5035
  • Red: cod. 1797

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Milan, Quarch Atelier and a chat about Atanor and we soon understood that we approach a new project with the same attitude, working more on the narrative process of an object and its ability to convey emotions than on the object itself.

The underlying idea of Hoplow&Family is “will happiness find us?”, drawing inspiration from a work by the artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss.

The small HopLow designed by Quarch gives access to a world which intends going beyond the boundaries of the “usual” and take whoever possesses it into a magical place.

“…By designing a small bedside lamp, a small “private object”, we have been able to work on the innermost need of man for shade; on the transformation that shade and its inseparable counterpart – light – has on a place, taking it into another dimension, the dimension of dreams.
We think of objects as moods, guardians of a short story that can only be heard by those who are able to lose themselves beyond the confines of rationality.
The true story of Hop Low, (the Disney mushroom that tries to keep up with the notes of Tchaikovsky) is one of a character who is constantly out of step with the others and who, despite never managing to become a part of the group, glosses over the fact that everything he does is wrong: he goes out of step as if he were the only one in step!
The dystonia ceases to be a disorder and becomes the indispensable accent for unanimity.” (Arch. Simone Fumagalli – Arch. Marina Del Monaco)


The shape of the object springs into life from a technical drawing in which every line, studied and justified, becomes the naturalness of a gesture during the production stage.
The quality craftsmanship is highlighted by the blown glass technique, which makes every piece different and therefore unique.

Hoplow&Family. Mushroom shaped lamp consisting of a base and a shade in borosilicate glass joined together by a simple system that enables you to interact with the object and personalise it thanks to a choice of colours and sizes.