Technical Data

Dimensions (∅xH): Dim. 130 x 44/74 cm Material: Load-bearing structure: solid mahogany wood. Table top: plywood Tanaro* mahogany veneer Colour: mahogany structure and table top, matt black base and details Note: The product is shipped disassembled. *Tanaro is a formaldehyde-free plywood made exclusively for Atanor in mahogany.


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I wished to create an object that satisfied two conditions: that it be a low coffee table and also be a dining room table, with the consequence of being able to adjust the height to the context. Leonardo is a response to a new way of inhabiting space compared to the past, a different way of relating to people.

Forcolini believes that design can be enduring only if it has meaning for people and the way they live. This table must in fact be understood as an expression of the centrality of man and his needs in relation to the present.

Leonardo is “a table that seeks to bring all of these considerations together, to be in tune with the times, that fulfills people’s needs and serves to unite, not divide, that brings out the relations between human and not the relations of power”. (C. Forcolini)


The tabletop is made of mahogany plywood, produced exclusively for atanor with a mahogany essence veneer. The veneer was applied in a running matched pattern as specified in the design, maintaining the original idea of a darker mahogany circle at the center and a lighter crown around the outside divided into twelve equal sections.


“The mechanical function is ensured by the hidden telescopic system that raises the tabletop, while the form is determined by the vertical structure that also expresses the transformation from low table to tall table”. (C. Forcolini)

The vertical structure is the point of departure for the project. “We started with the slats which represent our dogma”. They are made of solid mahogany, shaped and processed to contain the vertical lift with elegance.