Technical Data

Dimensions: 55x85x67 cm (LxDxH) Materials: Solid pear wood. Colors: Natural pear wood.


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Baum initiated with the freehand sketch of a tree, with a spontaneous stroke lacking in any geometrical construction that would help understand why it goes one way rather than another.
The uninterrupted line of this intuition, expressed by a single stroke of the pencil and reminiscent of a Ginkgo leaf, represents the idea of conveying the pleasure of an intimate and deep relationship with nature, a step towards genuine things.
That’s how Baum came to be designed for Atanor, this seat in solid pear wood, which acts in two ways. Baum welcomes two persons simultaneously into the sensuality of its forms in a wave of love, care and playfulness.
Baum is the manifesto of our ambition to improve the quality of life of persons through architecture designed around emotions to express the joy and warmth of the serenity that we seek in the objects we take home with us.

Baum: 144 core blocks of solid pear wood treated with natural wax and assembled without glue using hidden elements with made-to-measure stainless steel screws.